Heavy Duty Garbage Bags

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About Our Heavy Duty Bags

We offer a varied line of products. One of our best selling products are the Heavy Duty Blue Bags for your home, office and outside work. They come in four sizes to suit your needs. These bags are made to our specifications by a local vendor (made in the USA) in our trademark color of blue. (we also have them available in black and clear for those who cannot use the blue).   We can provide other size bags and thicker mil bags upon request if needed.



Garbage Bag Sizes

7/10 gallon bags,(small waste can 24 inches tall) 1.5 mil thick

12/16 gallon bags (tall office or kitchen size waste can 32 inches tall) 1.5 mil thick

33 gallon (smaller outdoor waste cans 40 inches tall) 2.0 mil thick

55 gallon (lawn and leaf / yard or construction debris 58 inches tall) 2.0 mil thick

For Quantity and Price Information please call our toll free number (877) 273-6427 or Email us at: nhap.1998@yahoo.com